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Joining forums, About me

Ive hit bit over 100h of playtime, so Im basically just getting started. Been mostly just exploring and getting familiar with Eorzea and finding out how things work. This far Ive really enjoyed myself and Im getting the hang of things.

Im new to MMOs and my pc setup really isnt meant for such huge game, I dont have the greatest internet connection either to be honest. Im living on a tight budget you know?

That being said, my gaming has always been console oriented and my rather vast collection of FF games ranges from PS2, PS3 and PSP to Nintendo DS.

So even though I consider myself a casual player, Final Fantasy is not casual to me :D

~~Joining forums~~

Since Im new to MMOs, I also feel bit of an outsider in the game world, and am not very fast at connecting with other players, I thought being active in forums could be a good thing for me. So Im trying.

Id really like to find some like-minded friends to play with, I dont have any irl friends who play XIV so it would mean alot to me.

Regards, Celes
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Seychelle Boutique

Hyperion (Primal)

Welcome. Good luck on Odin!

Lady Vheo

Famfrit (Primal)


Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Welcome love ❤️ ❤️
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