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FC Direction

Hi all!

So we've been busy this past week; the The Free Company (FC) I was originally an officer of has been transferred to myself which has then been re-branded, cleared out and focused to a new strategy to path a new way into the future, where we can maintain a relaxed and social environment for players,

Behind the scenes we have been working on implementing tools and procedures in the background so everyone can be looked after rather than those higher up, this means decisions will be made for the better of everyone rather than the many needless changes that occur in most FC's. This however does not mean the FC cannot make any changes in the future, but instead will allow members to voice their own opinions and make their requests for things they would like to see happen.

This can include (but not limited to)
• Council based system, if enough members request a specific topic, officers will place a vote, if the majority vote is for the topic then it will pass through to the final three members on the table which will implement it, or communicate to members if it is impossible at that time.
• Hosted website/documentation so members can submit requests, complaints or find help so they don't have to wait for an officer to log-in.
• And more...

At this time, there will be no recruitment push until everything is in place, good things take their time after all!

Free Company: Innocent World
Tag: World

Thanks again to you all, see you in game!

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