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Things I've learned from doing MINE Savage content


So the end is now in sight, Omega should soon be conquered, probably Thur or next Sunday. Because of that, I wanted to share my thoughts on what I have learned from doing weeks and weeks of REALLY hard content progging and clearing.

Note: these are MY thoughts and views on this crap. You might and may have had different experiences and it is OK to disagree with me on some or all of this. I won't hate you for it. ;-)

1. Doing Savage content, (especially if it is MINE), is HARD and you WILL mess up and cause wipes, many, MANY times! There is no IF or MAYBE about this, It's GOING to happen, so DEAL with it!

2. Saying 1, do NOT get anxiety and all worked up over failing and fucking things up over and over, because everyone in your group is ALSO doing it, Yes, EVERYONE! So you are in good company!

3. Down the road, towards the end of the fight, you will get to know the mechanics SO well that you will be able to do them in your sleep and wonder WHY you were messing up on them so much early on when they are brain dead EASY now!

4. In relation to 3. Towards the end of the fight, you will be sooooooo tired, drained, and half awake from doing the same stuff over and over and OVER again, sometimes for weeks or MONTHS!

5. When the instance is finally cleared, you will scream with unbridled joy that that damn fight is FINALLY over! (Unless it is a current savage, then you gotta FARM the damn thing! UGH!)

6. Enjoy that joy of clearing while you can, cause it will TOTALLY leave you when you discover just how much more UNGODLY hard the NEXT fight is going to be! (Note: does not apply to the 12th instance.)

7. If you are foolish and dumb enough to actually want to HEAL Savage MINE content, be prepared for Hell on earth! Healing this crap MINE is so, SO hard, that it will drain your feeble body, mind, AND soul like nothing else in FF14 can! (except ultimates!)

8. In relation to 7. Yes, you WILL feel like shit that people keep dying to mechanics because your healing is not up to par with keeping them alive. Like before, DEAL with it and LEARN the best times to cast what heal is needed when and on whom. Eventually you WILL learn the proper healing rotation for each mechanic, be a badass healer, and look good doing it too! ;-p

9. Healing savage MINE content is actually a healing challenge! For all those bemoaning that healing in FF14 is soooooo easy and unfulfilling, Try healing really hard Savage MINE stuff, you just might be surprised at how much you need to not DPS and ACTUALLY heal! Yes people, you WILL use your WHOLE healing kit doing this crap! ;-p

10. If you do FFlogs, Yes, you CAN be on the bottom of the list having piss poor numbers, and STILL make it through this crap! Just remember, SOMEONE has to be on the bottom, why not you? ;-)

11. Age is just a number. You don't have to be young to clear MINE Savage, people old enough to be your mother or grandmother can do it too. ;-)

12. And finally; Just because you are casual does not mean you can't do hard stuff. It just takes desire and a willingness to actually TRY and go out of your comfort zone. I mean look at me, Ditzy Annabel who has done sooooo many dumb mistakes in this game. And yet I rose up to the challenge and not only cleared so many EX's MINE, but also Coils and almost all of Omega savage.

Like I have said, if a ditzy idiot like me can do it, ANYONE can! ;-p

Commentaires (2)

Kupo Warkson

Siren [Aether]

Now do ultimates.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Ha! Not likely!

Mainly because of the raid schedules for those. Being married with children and working nights, I simply cannot do the multi 3 hour a week schedules most of those ultimate statics seem to have.

And I can understand why they do. The content is so hard, you gotta have consistent progging to remember it all.
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