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Faerie [Aether]

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Sephirot Unreal: Cleared!


Ugh, it was utter HELL and took soooooooo many attempts, but I FINALLY did it! Sephirot Unreal is officially cleared and I am free to do weekly Unreals again!

Let me tell you, this ain't NO Ultima Weapon. No WAY! Sephirot harkens back to the days of Shiva Unreal. Honey, this fight is HAAAAAARD!!!! Very, VERY Hard!

Man, there were soooo many attempts, so many failures, so many parties who could NOT go the distance!

Good Lord that 3rd phase is just utter hell, the Moving around so you don't die! the AOE's! The adds that blow up when they die, UGH!

And on top of THAT, the DPS check till enrage is SOOOOOOOOOOOO tight! A few deaths and you can forget it. you ain't going to make it!

Even with potting, we barely beat the enrage cast. I swear, soooo many 0.* failures, it was disheartening!

But finally we did it and it is DONE, I have a 'duty complete' on the fight so I can get into weekly parties now. If I want to!

Ugh, I am soooo tired now and I STILL need to access that new EX trial. BLEH!

Well honestly, who knows WHEN I will get the MSQ finished to access it. LOL

Commentaires (2)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

I will say I am amused this climbed in the views so fast. What, you thought I said HOW to do the mechanics for this Unreal in this post? LOL

Maybe I should put out a ditzy guide then like I did with Shiva. ;-)

Don't know if it would help though. Honey, you just CAN'T be carried through this, ain't going happen. You gotta have SOME skill doing mechanics to pass that DPS check. In short, you need to carry your weight in the group.

Honestly though, if an old ditz like me did it, anyone can.

Moriko Mizumi

Halicarnassus [Dynamis]

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