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2nd clear on SoS EX

Since my clear in SoS EX, I have been looking for a chance to practice more so I could get better at doing the later parts of it. Sadly though progression parties have dropped off considerably for it, and it is a rare one that allows you to practice phase 3 mechanics. Luckily though, tonight there was an FC clearing for a fellow mate and they needed extra people, so I joined as a healer.

So how did we do? Well.....

I DID get my second clear of SoS ex eventually, but it was a long, hard road to it.
The group was not bad and was able to do phase 1 and 2 pretty consistently with a occasional mess up here and there. Plus I got a LOT of phase 3 practice of the mechanics, which was good.

But the attempts, OH the attempts at clearing. We came SOOOOO close SOOOO many times only to fail! We are talking about failures in the .0's Yes, we failed at .03, .02 AND .01 %.

Yes, that's RIGHT, .01%! It truly made me cry getting THAT close to beating it.

But eventually we DID do it and got a clear for some 1st timers and a second one for yours truly.

So now I can do phase 3 pretty consistently without messing up now. Maybe I will write a ditzy guide for it, we'll see.

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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

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