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Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 4 part 3

Part 3:

Annabel looked flustered as she thumbed through the various messages on her phone; WHY was someone bidding on that piece of trash and WHY so many of them? Scanning them, the confused blonde could see that they had bid in increments of $10, which of course kinda made sense. Since she had put a max bid of $100, the alerts kept coming till it had reached her limit, then stopped.

Realizing that, Annabel gave her phone an annoyed look. "Shit, there goes my hundred bucks, God damn it."

"What was that", Selene said, not to loudly, but enough for her companion to hear.

"Did you not hear me silly bug, someone bid on that stupid piece of trash, how annoying, wasting my money."

"Um, One, yes I heard your whining, how could I NOT? Two, I doubt you lost any of your Gil you ditz because someone probably outbid you for the primer. And three," Selene added with a annoyed tone of her own. "You BETTER get on that thing and try to beat the bid or your ass is going to be in BIG trouble come dealing with that book of yours."

"Wait", Annabel's confused look did not change. "I DIDN'T lose any money? Cool, that's a relief.....wait a minute, what do you mean I have to rebid, I'm not throwing away MORE of my hard earned money at that thing. We tried, we lost, oh well......."

Selene's expression went from annoyed to totally disbelieving. "Are you KIDDING me? Blondie, I doubt any of that wealth you blatantly show off was gotten by ANY of your doing. And don't give me that 'we tried' thing. "If you got to, hock some of those cheap baubles in your room and bid on that BOOK! Ooooo, if I could I would do it but I can't!"

"Cheap baubles," Annabel exclaimed, her voice rising again causing the fairy to wince. Twelve, that stupid ditz was going to give them BOTH away if she kept at it. "I WILL have you know bug that NONE of my jewelry is 'cheap.' And also, I can easily afford to bid on that crappy thing if I wanted to. And third......"

"What was that about bring cheap Annabel, I hope you are not trying to lower the prices on the books."

The young blonde looked panicked as her sister Adora came over to see what the commotion was about. Crap, had she been THAT loud; God she was a ditz sometimes. Looking at her older sibling, Annabel gave the woman an innocent smile.

"Oh no Adora, I was just musing out loud about all the tacky cheap outfits people are wearing here; these book lovers just have NO taste in fashion."

Adora sighed; 'Uh huh, Annabel dear; just concentrate on attracting customers, not turning them away because of your silly comments. There's only a little time left of this, please act like the adult I know you are." With that, Adora walked away leaving her younger sister fuming.

"'Act like an adult', hmmph, know it all sister"......

"She's not wrong", Selene quipped.

"Who ASKED you," the miffed blonde shot back. "Ugh, I swear, this is the LAST thing I DO for that woman, so help me God. Now where was I?"

"Besides eternally clueless? Trying to rebid on that book; you know the one you NEED?"

"I don't NEED anything," Annabel retorted, "well except a loooong vacation from you. I'm only doing this because you constantly insist it will help me with this fucked up situation."

"I WOULD say something about you being the one who did the 'fucking', but....."

"Not if you value your life right now," Annabel said quickly. "Fine, does it even say who bid on the damn thing?" She scanned her phone quickly, then pouted. "Of course not, shit." Tapping a few times with her finger, a chime confirmed her actions. "There, another hundred bucks wasted, it better not go over THIS time."

"You better make it more", Selene said concerned. "I have a feeling it will go over again, whatever that means."

Annabel looked up, even though she could not see the fairy. "Oh God, you think so, damn it!" Swiping again, she did a few more actions and pushes, then groaned with the chiming acknowledgement. "Fine, five hundred dollars thrown out the window. Jeeze, I got to have my head examined for wasting money like this."

"Says the Hyur with all those silly clothes in her closet, not to mention baubles..."

"Bug!" Annabel pointed a finger up, "I swear if I EVER find you messing with my stuff I'll....."

Her tirade was interrupted by the chime on her phone. Looking at it Annabel saw that sure enough, the bidding on the book had started up again. "Shit Selene, it's happening again. Seriously, who the hell would WANT that piece of trash other than me?"

Biting her lip, Annabel watched as the screen kept updating the current status of her bid. The constant chiming became an annoying reminder of her allowance flittering away, dollar by dollar. Slowly, the status creeped up to her max limit, man whoever wanted that was persistent. Maybe this was a GOOD thing; she wouldn't lose any money and she would NOT have that smelly piece of trash to have to carry around.

Then suddenly, it stopped; the updates, the chiming, it all just ended unexpectedly. Surprised, Annabel happened to glance at the phone's time, nine thirty; then an announcement came over the intercom.

"Your attention please. The bidding for the silent auction is now over. Please check to see the status of your bids and if you are the winner of the requested items, make arrangements for pickup. Thank you for your participation in our auction."

"It's over?" It was a stupid question to ask, but Annabel asked it anyway. For her part, Selene didn't make any snide comment, just saying, "I guess so, you better check that thing in your hand, see if you won."

Curious to know herself, Annabel looked at the last message she had received. 'Bid received for $490; Bid sustained, you are still the winning bidder.' Then a new message came through.

'Congratulations, you are the winning bidder for item: 3094809256, please confirm and submit payment. Once payment has been confirmed, you may pick up your item after the event or make arrangements to have it delivered. Please notify the reception counter of your desire.'

"Wait, I....won?" Annabel let out a sigh of relief.... then groaned as she did a double take at the message. "Four hundred and ninety dollars! God damn it, that was almost my WHOLE bid!"

"See," Selene said with a smug look, "good thing you listened to me for once, otherwise you would have lost."

"Yeah," the miffed blonde said with a sarcastic tone. "Thanks soooo much for making me blow almost half my allowance for the month, all for a stupid piece of shit that BETTER help me fairy."

Annabel looked at the message again and sighed. "Guess I better confirm it, bye bye new shoes." Grimacing, Annabel hit the confirm button and the payment was sent electronically. "There, I own it now, yay me. Hmmmm, you think Adora would miss me, I need to arrange to have it delivered. I can't take possession of it with her around; knowing that 'slave driver', she'll have me help her pack up once this stupid thing is over."

"Look at yourself deary, do you see any OTHER overdressed and made up blondes here? I would venture, yes. And remember Annabel, you have TWO books to worry about."

"Two? I didn't buy two of them," Annabel said; "It was only one I bid on."

"Twelve are you dumb", Selene shook her tiny head. "The grimoire you stupid ditz, you know, the one you BONDED?"

"Ohhhhhh, THAT one." Annabel waved a hand, "What's the big deal, it will get packed up and sent back to the house."

"And if you go too far from it oh ditzy blonde, your sister will get a BIG surprise if she happens to be looking at it the time it vanishes."

"Um....well, I'll figure it out, somehow. Right now, I need to get over there." The young woman pointed to the reception counter where lines were forming to make arrangements for items won. Watching them, she saw a familiar figure. It was Arianna Rhodes, no mistaking her in that outfit. Huh, I guess she bid on something, our book wasn't enough for her?

Being after 9:30, Annabel knew this hell was almost over. Wait, had almost a hour gone by? Man, being worried about a stupid book sure made the time fly. She really doubted anyone would still be browsing, Adora probably wouldn't mind if she left her post for a FEW minutes, right?

Annabel knew the answer to that but did it anyway; she would deal with the disapproval of her older sister later.

Moving as fast as her heels allowed, Annabel went over to the counter and approached Miss Rhodes.

"Aria, hi," the pretty blonde said with a smile. "I saw you over here and was just curious, did you buy more stuff?"

Arianna, distracted, looked up from her phone, and upon seeing Annabel gave a cordial smile. "Anna, hello. Um, yes, yes I did. There were a few other things that caught my eye so I bid on them. I'm just up here arranging their delivery."

"Well I hope you got everything you wanted, though I can't imagine there would be much fighting for these things."

Aria looked a bit annoyed, "You'd be surprised Anna," she grumbled. "There was one thing that really caught my eye but I missed out. It seems it was bid higher than I was expecting. I mean who the hell would place such a high bid on a ruined book? Honestly, they had to have been nuts or just an idiot."

What the fuck......HER? "Um, ruined book?" Annabel asked with trepidation. "Here? Really?"

"Yeah." Arianna nodded. "It was like half a book in really bad shape, but it was most interesting. I could tell it was related to the books your family was selling. I thought, hey this is my chance for another one and it's probably cheap too, so I bid on it. She gave a frown and crossed her arms against her bosom. "Boy was I wrong. Someone else wanted it and from the bid won, either quite badly or they were an idiot bidding that much on a book in such horrible condition."

Yeah, Annabel thought, you got BOTH right.

Continued: Part 4

Commentaires (2)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yeah, I know it's been May since the last one, but STILL writing it. It just got pushed back trying to catch up on the MSQ writing.

I really do enjoy writing this one and will try to keep it up. In fact, next month it will have been a year since the first blog of it.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

So long as you enjoy it, take your time and continue doing so. They’re fun reads yus yus :3
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