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Day 151: The tasks never seem to end!


Yeah, I know, a few weeks turned into a couple months, but at least it is out now. The view counts on the writing blogs have been terribly low recently, the last one STILL has not broken 100 views after almost 2 months; so I have not been very motivated to put them out or make any new ones. Maybe this one will do better.

Darling Sisters:

Do you ever get the feeling that some problems NEVER seem to go away? I get that ALL the time now, I mean seriously! Just when I think some REALLY annoying pain in the rear problem is FINALLY gone, it rears its ugly head up again. I swear sisters, it NEVER ends!!!!! It's enough to make a certain sister cry, bitch, rant and rave. Luckily I am too mature for that now, right?

Alea: (coughs on sweet she was eating) "Is she KIDDING Adora? This letter practically exists for our dear sister to do ALL those things and to be sure that we know about it!"
Adora: (Hands Alea a napkin) "Yes, I'm afraid I have to agree with you on this one dear. Even though Annabel is almost 26 now, she still acts like she is 16 at times. Sometimes I wonder if she will ever act like a true adult." (Takes a pastry and takes a bite)
Alea: "You mean like me, right?"
Adora: (Coughs on what she was eating, then glares at Alea) "You did that on purpose, didn't you?"
Alea: "I admit nothing."
Adora: (sighs) "Sometimes I think I am the ONLY true adult in the whole Ashcroft household....."

So what THIS time has made me so grumpy? Gee, pick one, there are soooooo many things! HA, just kidding! Actually it is those soooooo annoying Garleans, specifically two of them.

The first one is Gaius, yeah, he's back AGAIN, fresh from some excursion into Garlemald itself. (you know, I guess I can't really bitch about this, at least I didn't have to do it! But hey, I'm on a roll so WHY not!) He brought some baaaaaad news about the OTHER annoying Garlean, Zenos. Yeah....HIM!!!! Now do you see the point of my beginning sisters? That idiot never goes away, NEVER!

So, get this dears, Not only did, 'come back from the dead to annoy me', actually kill his father the emperor and start a civil war causing MAJOR turmoil, this fool is actually trying to create MORE 'piece of junk' Ultima weapons! You remember, that crappy thing Gaius tried to kill me with so loooooooong ago? I mean SERIOUSLY people? It was a piece of crap then and I am sure is STILL a piece of crap! Don't these people ever learn?

Alea: "Really? Zenos again? Wow, maybe Annabel does have an excuse to bitch this time. I sure would if some undead person kept causing issues in MY life."
Adora: "Dear, I don't think Zenos is an undead zombie. Though my sister constantly amazes me with the problems she always seems to get herself involved in."
Alea: "Really? what amazes me is the fact that people ACTUALLY want Annabel's help with them!"
Adora: "Alea.......I just hope all this mess with the Garleans does not reach Shedell any time soon."

Yeah, it seems that Gaius and BAK, who went along with him to help. (Man, it MUST have been serious if he needed HIS help) Saw Zenos kill his father, start this whole civil war thing, try to kill THEM, and then fight some Ultima prototype while trying to escape. Gee, I am sooooooo glad I was in the First at the time, because if I wasn't that could have been ME having to deal with that crap!

Speaking of which, right now I can't really DO anything about that whole mess in Eorzea because you know, I got the OTHER mess still to deal with, AKA Scion lackeys stuck in the First; and there is NOOOOO way I am going to deal with that Garlean mess without their help.

Hold on, did I just WRITE that?????? Oh GODS, I have truly lost it if I am hoping that They will help me! I am going to cross this out before that annoying ghost sees it!

Alea: "Um, it's still there isn't it?"
Adora: "Yes, yes it is."
Alea: "Wow, our sister's a real idiot at times, and talking about ghosts?" (shakes her head)
Adora: "Yessss....ghosts....." (gives a slight, hidden smile.)

Yeah, it was time to head back to the First to let the others know what was going on. Sigh, I REALLY did not want to go back because you KNOW they will want me to get involved as quick as possible once I am back there. Hopefully the Exarch did not have a solution yet to their little problem.

But, as usual, luck is NEVER on my side. Of course stupid boring Ex and the annoying old hag, (the one here, NOT that cheating death Matoya!), had found a way to transport the scions back home. Luckily though it was still not perfect, for it required some special Allagan something or other. Look, I am NO alchemist, Aether mage, or whatever the hell those people do. I just look pretty and nod my head to whatever people want me to do......WOW, I AM a stupid blonde ditz, aren't I?

Alea: "......what? She is just NOW realizing that?"
Adora: "Wellll.......,she IS a little slow with her thoughts at times, but that is one of her.....endearing traits."
Alea: "Sis, that attempt was just sad, you really should give up trying to defend her actions."
Adora: "As the oldest, it is my duty to defend BOTH of my younger siblings actions." (gives stern look at Alea)
Alea: "Um....moving on!"

So because of this little issue, (well BIG issue I guess), the solution was delayed for now and luck was for ONCE seemingly on my side.....WRONG!

So who just happens to come in but the bunny commander Lyna, who just 'happened' to want to talk with me, and you know what THAT means people! Yeah, you better believe I groaned, and even MORE so since WHK just 'happened' to want to come along with me for the talk. Can you say, 'babysitter'? I knew you could..... I TRIED to say no, I really did, but as usual, my griping fell on those deaf pointed ears of his.

(Speaking of pointed ears, I STILL wonder just what race he actually is. In all my travels I never see anyone else like him or his annoying sister.)

So what is it that the fighting Bun Bun wanted? Get this. Lyna was afraid her guards were getting a bit complacent, so she wanted me to go and fight this Sin Eater to show them how a true warrior fights. Well, far be it for me to pass a chance to show off, so I said, "sure, I'll show them how it's done"; then had to give WHK a seething glare as I caught him snickering behind me. I mean, really? I DO have a lot to teach people!

Alea: "Annabel teaching? Boy I wish I was there to see that comedy of errors!"
Adora: "Alea, I am sure Annabel did a fine job of showing her skill to others."
Alea: "Yeah sis, but her skill in WHAT exactly? Crying? Whining? Bitching? There are sooooo many Annabelish related skills."
Adora: "......."

Reaching the fort, I met the soldiers that were coming with us. As expected, they were REALLY enthused to be fighting with the woman who had saved their world. I must say, the praise and admiration was VERY nice; If only I could get that ALL the time, but of course SOME people won't allow it, UGH! With the praise finished we headed out to where the Sin Eater was located, but when we got there it was ALREADY dead!!!

To say I was a bit annoyed about this would be an understatement. Now don't get me wrong, usually I would have been thrilled to have had someone do my 'light' work for me; but this had been a chance to show off and get MORE praise bestowed upon me. Now I would get NOTHING!!!

And who was the one who had done this deed? No one knew, just that he had called himself a 'Warrior of Light'. Great, someone pretending to be one of THOSE. Well, I will tell you Sisters, if he wants to do my job, he is welcome to it!!!!

Alea: "Darn it, Annabel ALWAYS finds an excuse to slack off!"
Adora: "I don't think she had any control over this happening dear."
Alea: "Yeah yeah, you say that Adora, but I know my sister. I bet she hired this person to do her work FOR her!"
Adora: "Sometimes I wonder who is more ditzer, Annabel or you."
Alea: "ADORA!"

Since there was nothing more to do we made plans to head back, but Lyna had some concerns about Ex and how he was acting after his rescue. I told her he just tends to be an idiot at times and to butt in to drag his workaholic ass outside once in a while to enjoy life, eat, and all the stuff that NORMAL people do. God that catboy is SUCH an idiot at times, and to think so many rely on him.

Back in the tower, WHK had this rather odd idea. (which is NOT surprising since ALL his ideas are 'odd') There seemed to be a lot of slanderous history of the former 'Warriors of Light' here, saying that they were scum and responsible for ALL the problems currently in the first. Well, of course I know that's NOT true and have tried to let others know for Ardbert's sake since he DID happen to save my life and repair my aether.

WHK wanted to set the matter straight once and for all with the citizens of the crystarium and redeem the reputation of the First's Warriors. Seeing that this was a noble cause I, for once, actually did NOT bitch about doing this. Oh don't get me wrong, it WAS a pain having to run around the city telling everyone to meet, but I did not complain about doing it, REALLY Alea!!!!

Alea: "LIES! She soooo complained about it, I know my sister!"
Adora: "Alea, surely you can believe that your sister can do a selfless thing WITHOUT complaining."
Alea: (pauses, thinks for a moment, shakes her head) "Nope, no way sis, that's a losing bet right there!"
Adora: (just shakes her head and sighs)

Continued: Part 2

Commentaires (3)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Hmmm, from the views, I HIGHLY suspect that people think this is something other than it is.

Sorry people, NOT bitching about the game. ;-)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Ok, this is now at over 100 views while parts 2 and 3 are still in single digits, Sigh....Yeah, people don't observe.....

People, the blog tags are there for a REASON so you know what the post IS! READ them so you don't waste your time!

And no, the fact that the other two aren't being read shows that people are not clicking on it because they think it is new writing..... I guess I need to be careful with my titles.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

another great chapter! keep up the good work!
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