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Faerie [Aether]

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Getting those Blue Primal spells

Ok people, an Annabel Rant, blog of advice AND wisdom from your favorite ditzy Blonde!

If you are going to join a Party Finder group for a chance at getting the REALLY hard to get Blue Mage spells, please, please, PLEASE have the common courtesy to stay and HELP the person OR people who sacrificed their chance at getting it to be a level 70 and make sure no one died.

Now most people DO do this thank God, but not ALL do! Some just bolt after it is all done with, NOT helping the poor soul who helped them.

This happened today when I tried for the Titan spell. We got it pretty quick, but one person left right away but the rest DID stay and help the guy who was a 70, and we were able to get him the spell too, thank God!

People, is it sooooo hard to exhibit some kind of mature behavior when playing with others? It is soooo hard to HELP those that have helped you? Even if you don't have that much time, at least STAY for a FEW runs, even if it is only for 15-30 min. At least you helped SOME. It's the RIGHT thing to DO people!

I will tell you, I am going to start taking screen shots of the party names before and after the drop to rat out on my Blog WHO left and did not help the others try and get theirs. I have done this before with annoying people and I WILL do it again!

Damn, this DID turn into a rant, oh well, I AM a crazy Blonde! LOL

Commentaires (3)

Baby Myst

Behemoth [Primal]

Goodness. Great call out!

Always a good idea to give back and help out others. 15-30 minutes of your time in game to be helpful is nothing big, but it can mean the world to someone else.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas [Aether]

Oof! Hope you get some better parties soon Annabel. I saw your post about the poor kitty who didn't get the spell due to being KO, what a shame.

If you don't mind a suggestion, maybe you could try writing "X runs" in the pf description? I saw someone in pf who wrote that, it seems like a good idea since everyone knows how long they're expected to stay.

Good luck getting your spellbook filled!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Actually Sig, that seems to be the exception. I did a few more yesterday for spells and every time, all stayed to help the others, so it seems either people are being REALLY nice and honorable about it, or I just got in good groups.

Yeah, I see those too in PF, usually it's a 4 player rotation for extremes since you need 4 people being 70 to get through it, blue's are just too weak to handle ex's by themselves. I have yet to try an ex primal with blue, just hard ones.
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