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Late Night

Fifth entry, pretty late. A bit inebriated but here's a poem of Raiden's adventure for today. Though quick, hopefully these words paint a decent enough story to understand his day.

Around and around, side to side,
his head rolled with grace and pride.
His shoulders rise, his chest expands,
he no longer fears any man.
His body lithe, his body strong,
his height and size pronounced in his mind though he wasn't alone.
He walked with purpose, he stepped with might,
he marched through the people and over to what he believed a beautiful sight.

"Hello my dear, I'm Raiden the Red. I'd ask you how much a penguin weighs but I'll just bluntly break the ice instead! I'm Red, tall, strong, and armored and I do hope you would show me around and over yonder!"

He held out his hand and moved it left to right,
the Shroud surrounding this town a wonderful sight.
He then turned his veiled gaze back to her head,
she was gone and he was all alone instead.

He frantically looked from left to right,
he even looked down and up and wondered where she had gone with such flight.
He then turned around and looked about instead, realizing he was alone in that spot.. His words now ringing about in his head.
A beauty to see, a wonder to behold, she stole his heart and confidence in one go.
But all alone he stood there now, alone with his thoughts and looking down at the ground.

Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow.
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