Raiden Akagane

Chasseur vétéran inlassable

Balmung (Crystal)

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The Third entry, hopefully with a little more words. Or not, we'll never know how many pour out. Today Raiden ate a strange plant, he's not really sure why. But he did! And.. it didn't kill him, sadly, but it did give him strange thoughts and visions. So he carved a poem with his trusty dagger into one of the many large trunks of trees in the Black Shroud.

"Pain in strides,
Pain that grows,
These unbelievable highs,
The bottomless lows,
Through it all we hold on tight,
We have to survive the endless night."

He promptly punched at what he swore was a ghostly bird pecking at his thoughts and passed out against the tree talking to himself about berries and faces in the clouds watching him with indifference. His mind filled with visions of himself fighting himself, each one gruesomely dying by his own hands as he had no choice but to press on having left his dagger and his axe back by the tree. Every step forward leading him further into the black until all he could feel was his own voice bouncing around in his incapacitated head.

Thank you for reading.
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