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FFXIV suddenly became a Good Game?

Note: I find myself wanting to express my opinions on several topics and I think this is the place to be. My opinions are personal thoughts (and are not a critique), which I am not claiming to be right nor wrong. I am not expecting comments, otherwise I would have went to the official forum. In the event that there would be, I honor and respect everybody else’s opinion, though I’d prefer a healthy conversation over that of a heated debate.

Some Current Opinion(s):
Some FFXIV players who are new to the game thinks the game is great now even though insisting it wasn’t when asked in the past.

Rasler’s Opinion
This is continuing my responses related to the growing popularity and population of FFXIV. You can watch hundreds of new players and content makers playing the game for the first time, or for some, continuing it after abandoning it before. These are players who came from other games, including those from the fans of the whole Final Fantasy franchise as a whole who didn’t want to try MMO. I used to be one of those in the last group I mentioned.

One common reaction you will here is that the game is suddenly good or great. The thing is, barring 1.0 which I myself never played, the game has always been good eventually becoming great. Some of these players are those who shunned the game for a long time. It just didn’t become good or great simply because new players are just discovering them now.

I had the same thinking when I started and got deeper into the game and the fantastic story. Now I realized that it was wrong of me to think so, and I’m happy to be proven wrong in this instance.

Funny thing is, we try to convince players from other MMO or MMORPGs that the game is good and their barrier is the long story or that all content are locked behind the main story quests. Yet, it is has also been difficult to convince fans of other Final Fantasy games to try it, fans who love those games because of their stories.
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