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Resistance Weapons

Note: I find myself wanting to express my opinions on several topics and I think this is the place to be. My opinions are personal thoughts (and are not a critique), which I am not claiming to be right nor wrong. I am not expecting comments, otherwise I would have went to the official forum. In the event that there would be, I honor and respect everybody else’s opinion, though I’d prefer a healthy conversation over that of a heated debate.

Some Current Opinion(s):
Some FFXIV players believe the grind work for the current relic weapon series, Resistance weapons, as a hit and miss

Rasler’s Opinion:
As someone who is about to claim his eleventh resistance weapon (recollection stage) I was able to exploit the process of acquiring the current relic.

I collected the required memories from the Heavensward (HW)zone FATEs and from the Antitower dungeon. I just do what is enough for a single weapon (60 FATEs and 6 dungeons) in a single day to avoid burnout. I say I exploited it because I think this option of memory collection should have not been easier as compared to how you collect memories in Bozja Southern Front (BSF).

After Eureka, there was a call for an alternative to gain the relics. But that’s the point, an alternative, not a faster or better option. The BSF’s main purpose was the relic weapons so it should have had been the better option than the alternative. As of the moment I dread going back to BSF just so I can move my rank of 12 ever so slowly to 15. I’d rather go to Coerthas Western Highlands where I am guaranteed memories at each gold resulting FATE.

Yes, I understand that the alternative was implemented at the same time to populate the older zones which is for the benefit of new players as HW has since become part of the game’s main base. New players however are probably not collecting the current relics.

Well it’s back to grinding for me and I still cringe at that WHM relic weapon, that could have been something that looks better.
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Bear Barlow

Balmung (Crystal)

I like the way it was implemented. Running Bozja to rank up and level a job and passively work on a relic is efficient if you want to do all these things, but having a faster method for those done with Bozja or leveling is a nice option.
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