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Joe's Thursday/Friday Goings-On, 12/1 - 12/2


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Today's Pinball stream was pretty much a waste of time. Pinball FX3 crashed, so that left DX9 Pinball Arcade which, other than doing great at the start, went south from there. I hurt my right lat muscle, lower back, and left hand at work last night (ibuprofin did the trick though, but still.....) from a VERY rough night at work (a double load, since yesterday's shipment didn't arrive until the overnight shift had left for the day, giving us both yesterday's AND todays shipments). So I was already doing this against my better judgement. But, it is what it is, I guess. :|>


No stream today. My lower back was shot when I got home from work this morning, and ibuprofin wasn't helping that much. And, figuring that it'd be just be a mere dry hump of a Pinball session like yesterday, I decided to just opt out of streaming today. Instead, I just slept in a bit and ran some idle games (mostly Idle Champs). So, we'll have to see tomorrow if I'm up for a stream or not.

Okay. Time for another nap. Then I have to get ready for work. <Take care>, everyone. And have yourselves a good weekend! ;)>

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