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Joe's Weekend Goings-On, 4/10 - 4/12


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Aaaaand another stream cut short, due to constant stream lag, as well as me getting poor sleep (dream/nightmare-filled sleep after watching this horror game playthrough. Definitely not for the faint of heart!). I called it off about 90 minutes in, but I continued playing off-stream until I did most of the world bosses, as well as the open-world and crafting dailies.

I also dabbled a bit with another class, called the "elementalist", which plays sorta-kinda like the black mage in FF XIV. You have access to the 4 elements. Fire is about straight damage and burning damage-over-time. Water is healing/support and ice (ie. Slow) attacks. Air is crit damage and movement speed. And earth is defense and bleed damage-over-time. And you can switch between these at any time. But each switch incurs a 10-second cooldown though, which kinda kills it for me (with the engineer's "kits", which are almost like the aforementioned elements, can be switched around with no cooldown).

And like before the only record I played today was Miles Davis - Bitches Brew. :(>


Played some more Guild Wars 2 this morning. I created a new engineer (my favorite class, surprise surprise), this time choosing to play a race called the "Charr", Guild Wars 2's equivalent of the Au Ra race in FF XIV. And like my guardian, I just level boosted him to 80, as I already know how the class plays.

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Pretty good Guild Wars 2 session today, stable as well, with next to no lag spikes. Always good! Otherwise, it was just standard fare today, doing the world bosses and all the open-world & crafting dailies. Keitaro87 dropped by as well, so we had some chat. :)>

The records I played today were:

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Fugazi - Red Medicine
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

And later on after my stream I switched over to my Charr engineer (see above). This time, I just worked on his "personal story", the equivalent of the MSQ, since I like the race's chainsmoker voices so much (SOUNDS like the male Charr were done by someone like Michael Clark Duncan, with that kind of voice).


Veeeeeery interesting "game"!
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And this morning I just continued on in Guild Wars 2, working on the Charr questline (see above). Making good progress, although I'm sure the fact that I'm a boosted level 80 factors in there somewhere lol.

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A pretty good Guild Wars 2 session today, albeit with a fair amount of lag spikes. I did my regular stuff, doing most of the world bosses and my open-world and crafting dailies before starting to doze off.

And ALL 3 of my main regulars dropped by today (jayhotlaps, APTLTUDE, and Keitaro87). That don't happen often! And Jay has taken the Pinball plunge. I hope he likes it as much as I do (despite all my raging while playing). And they all seemed to like my Pseudocasts that I've been doing recently. So it seems I've got a real good thing going here. :D>

And just the one album today: Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Okay, callin' it a night, folks. <Thank you.> for watching/reading. Always appreciated! And have a great night/day. ;)>

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