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Joe's Brain-Farting Weekend, 3/6 - 3/8


I completely forgot to make this blog post on Saturday, not making it until Sunday morning, so there was probably some details missing. <Oops!>

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Pretty good Guild Wars 2 session today. Like usual, it was mostly world bosses, with a couple open-world dailies thrown in as well. And right off the bat APTLTUDE dropped by for a chat, as well as jayhotlaps. And he streams now, as well as his son! Definitely have to check it out some time.

And here's the LP vinyl I played today:

The Residents - Third Reich n' Roll
The Ventures - Golden Greats
The Clash - Self-Titled Debut


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This morning I took a trip down Memory Lane, and did a commentary vid on Capcom arcade games. It's a two-hour long video though, so probably something I won't do again unless I can find a short one like it. A good time otherwise. :)>

Aaaaaand just like yesterday I completely forgot to make my Sunday night blog post, and ended up making it on Monday morning, so there's probably some hazy details in here. -_-

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Not a bad Guild Wars 2 session today. Like always, it was mostly world bosses - of which I did ALL of them this time - and a few open-world dailies to round out the session. The rest I'll probably work on tomorrow morning.

And for the records I played this time around were:

The White Stripes - Self-Titled Debut
Portsmouth Sinfonia - Plays the Popular Classics
Bill Cosby - Revenge


Testing this out. I downloaded a new Peanuts font. Works okay, still some kinks to iron out. Unfortunately it doesn't work with numbers though. -_-

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This morning I decided to stream some more Guild Wars 2, just for the hell of it. But this time, I focused on doing some storyline quests, and eventually I unlocked a new zone. I also did some exploration there as well, after which I called it good (still had other morning stuff I had to do).

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Dead stream today, with only a guy named SomeStreamersAreMental dropping by and critiquing my ghetto lo-fi sound setup. Always helpful, but not really anything I can do about it (too expensive, plus it doesn't make much sense having a top of the line microphone and a, say, cheap entry-level computer :/>). Otherwise, it was mostly world bosses, but I had to skip one of them, since there wasn't enough people to do it. I also tried playing Footsies as well. Did okay at first, but I started fucking up all of a sudden, so I bailed immediately.

And here's the licorice discs I played:

The Cure - Disintigration
Joe Walsh - The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get
Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity

Time to call it a night. <Take care.>, everyone. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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