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Joe's Tuesday/Wednesday Goings-On, 2/23 - 2/24


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A fairly dead stream today, with only Keitaro87 dropping by. Otherwise, this was pretty much a not-so-good session overall today. Longer than normal boss fights due to it apparently being Amateur Day, with lots of players dying and/or doing the wrong things. Nodding off a couple of hours in due to poor sleep (dream/nightmare-filled), so I had to cut things short.

And Footsies?......

If I'm sucking this bad right out of the gate, I just call it off immediately. It's Pinball all over again. :/>

I should've just stayed in bed. -_-

And here's the LPs I played this evening:

Saturday Night Fever Movie Soundtrack
Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All


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Did great playing Pinball this morning, at least at first. But over time I started running out of steam, and kept messing up. But I just TROUNCED my previous high score in Spider-Man (Pinball FX3), and I came close to beating my high score in Xenon so, definitely one of my better sessions! :D>

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Another stream where I should've just stayed in bed, due to me getting a sinus infection from the changing weather (went from 0°-20° to 30°+). Otherwise it was the usual Guild Wars 2 world bossin', of which I did most of them before having to shut down, due to poor/lack of sleep.

And jayhotlaps dropped by and, . . . . wow! Seems he's a big mover & shaker in his home town of
Fort Dodge, Iowa.

FWIW I haven't read all of these, only parts of them, due to time constraints.

But, it's one of the reasons I stream. It gives me a chance to meet people like this, the kind I don't see every day IRL.

And for Footsies it went okay, for the brief amount of time I played (too much other stuff on my plate).

Here's the LP records I played today:

Billy Joel - Piano Man
Robin Williams - Reality... What a Concept!
Scott Joplin - Piano Rags (side one)

Okay, nap time, then I have to get ready for work. Thanks for watching/reading, guys. And have a good night/day. ;)>

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