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Joe's Wunderbar Weekend, 1/30 - 2/1


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I'm the one on the left. And FWIW "Raw!" is basically "raw damage", not invloving punishes or counters or anything.

A pretty bad session today. I just kept messing up a lot, mistiming abilities, slow reflexes (in both Guild Wars 2 and Footsies). I spent about as much time on the ground as I did up and fighting lol. Definitely should've stayed in bed this time around. -_-

But on the upside, jayhotlaps dropped by for a bit. And fantasystriker555 came around for a bit as well, so there was a silver lining to this grey cloud.

And the vinyls I played today were:

Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
The Ventures - Golden Greats
The Residents - Meet The Residents


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This morning I decided to do another one hour Pinball session. I was both hot and cold this time, doing great on Pinball FX3 but doing horseshit on Pinball Arcade. It happens. :/>

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Good session tonight! Did all the world bosses (in Guild Wars 2) except for one today. And I was in pretty good form in both gw2 and Footsies. I didn't beat any of my records in Footsies but I was consistently decent nonetheless.

And I had some good company today as well. jayhotlaps dropped by. And like always, we had some good convo. And he decided to take the Pinball plunge, and bought Pinball FX3. Now he too can be a Pinball rageaholic, just like me! Probably one of the reasons why I've been just making Pinball videos, and not streaming it outside of once a week. I can get....

Haven't used one of these custom Darkest Dungeon "afflictions" in a LONG time. :O>

...and not have to worry about alienating my viewers.

Oh, and skullface33101 dropped by as well. And out of the blue he paid me a HUGE compliment:

That's one of the reasons why I stream, one that I JUST NOW come to realize: By helping others, you help yourself. - Unknown

If this makes any sense at all (M.C. Escher picture)

And for the LPs I spun this evening they were:

The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
The White Stripes - Self-Titled Debut
The Clash - Self-Titled Debut
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 (Side One)


This entry was written in a hurry, as I needed a nap and still had other shit to do, especially with FF XIV's maintenance still on the horizon.

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This morning I did an off-stream Guild Wars 2 test run with higher graphics settings, just wanting a less-of-an-eyesore time from having to have all my graphics settings at the lowest, in order to make this game streamable.

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A fairly good session today. It was the usual Guild Wars 2 boss killing, as well as playing Footsies in between bosses. I've also noticed that I've begun jamming out with other players that play instruments in this game (like FF XIV, Guild Wars 2 has various musical instruments that you can play. Bass, flute, guitar first come to mind. I play bass), often stopping my vinyl beforehand. Although I probably stink up the place, me being fairly new to playing music and all, to say nothing of the in-game lag as well that throws me off my rhythm.

Oh, and Keitaro87 and Lmartyr dropped by as well, and had some good chatties today.

And here's the records I played today:

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Portsmouth Sinfonia - Plays the Popular Classics

Okay, time to call it a night. Thanks for watching/reading, everybody. And you all have yourselves a great night/day ;)>

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