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Joe's Thursday/Friday Doings, 1/19 - 1/20


One of the rare times where CHARLIE BROWN is the asshole. :O>

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Honky dory day today. In Guild Wars 2, I did my usual mat crafting and open-world dailies, which all took about 15 minutes(!), which is pretty rare. And after that, I did the usual world boss train up until the end of the session (didn't have time to kill all of them, but got most of them).

And I also played Footsies while waiting for boss spawns, and I did pretty good in arcade mode. :)>

And here's the vinyl LPs I played this evening:

Jethro Tull - Stand Up
Bill Cosby - Wonderfulness
Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Self-Titled 2nd Album


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A pretty bad day today. To start, I overslept about an hour. My alarm clock went off, so I shut it off and then laid back down thinking "I'll just lay here for a few minutes...." <Oops!>

And then during Guild Wars 2 I couldn't do all the dailies, as one of them was in an area I haven't unlocked, and another - a minidungeon - was in some WAAAAAAYYY out of the way place. Other players were trying to explain it, but I kept getting different answers. And the wiki was giving me a totally different area as well. And I don't bother with YouTube. 90% of it is just bullshit I have to sift through, people telling me their life stories or explaining the lore and history of the area. I JUST WANNA KNOW WHERE IT IS! So I just said screw it and started farming world bosses instead. You don't need a degree in navigation to fight those lol.

And like I've been doing, I've also been playing Footsies in between bosses and mat crafting. And it went kinda crummy as well, constant messing up, mind not being in the game. I ended up quitting at the last fighter (in arcade mode) since I kept getting my butt kicked. I piddled around on other modes before eventually calling it good.

And for the records I played today they were:

Stan Freberg - Best Of
Devo - New Traditionalists
Redd Foxx - At Home
Mozart - Eine Klein Nachtmuzik, and other filler tunes

Okay, nap time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Thank you.> for watching/reading, everyone, and have yourselves a great weekend. ;)>

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