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Joe's Twednesday Stuffsies, 11/24 - 11/25


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Kind of a crummy session overall today. In Guild Wars 2, I only managed to do one daily (out of 3) today, since the other 2 were world bosses that weren't going to respawn for another 2-3 hours. A bit late to the party, it seems. *sigh*

And Fantasy Strike wasn't too hot either. I got beat up, down, and all around by almost everyone. I managed to win one, but my opponent was new to the game, and not used to how my attacks work (like Dhalsim of Street Fighter, many of my character's attacks have long range, and can cover a lot of space). So, that win kinda reminded me of this:

I bailed out of one fight though, as she was COMPLETELY new to the game, newer than the one mentioned above. She was mostly just moving back and forth pressing buttons, trying to see what does what. Stuff you should be doing in training mode and not in an online battle, so I left. I'd rather get beat by an expert than to dominate a complete newbie.

And the only vinyl record I played today:

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew


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No Pinball stream this morning, due to a sore knee and hip. I did, however, make a shortie pinball vid though.

Sign him up, coach!

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A fairly good session today. I did my usual in Guild Wars 2, working on crafting my daily mats, as well as doing my open-world dailies. And this time I was able to do all 3 of them, since none of them were world bosses that spawn only a few times a day, like yesterday. Sheesh!

And after this, I decided to try my hand at playing Street Fighter 4. Didn't like it as much as Fantasy Strike. Why?:

• This game has 44 characters! That's a lot of movesets to remember (granted, some of them have the same moves ie. Ken & Ryu, but still,....). Fantasy Strike only has 12 characters, much easier to remember who can do what.

• Fighters have AT LEAST 6 basic moves (like Fantasy Strike, your basic moves can change, depending on which way you're moving), not to mention all the special attacks, ultra attacks, etc. they all have. Fantasy Strike?:

This guy is my main, pretty much the only guy I play.

Everything you need to know about a character is all on one page, making your character - as well as the other 11 - not that hard to figure out.

But like Fantasy Strike, you can watch recorded replays, which is great when I want to relax after getting my butt handed to me.

And also like Fantasy Strike, the game has lots of cringe-worthy, eye-rolling dialogue. A common thing in fighting games it seems (only exception I can think of right now is Def Jam: Fight for New York). -_-

But after that I went ahead and played some Fantasy Strike, but I mostly watched replays, as the online lag was super bad this time around.

And the LPs I played today were:

Tom Lehrer - Songs & More Songs
The Washington Post Marching Band - 50 Fabulous March Favorites
Run-DMC - Self-Titled Debut
Heart - Little Queen
Fugazi - In on the Kill Taker (Side One)

And aaaaallrighty-o! Time to call it a night (I'm off tonight, but still have to work tomorrow on Thanksgiving). So, <Take care.> one and all, and have a happy Thanksgiving ;)>

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