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Joe's FF XIV/Grim Clicker Streams, 5/12


Blew my fast this morning about 14 hours in after eating a chicken slider (I always buy these when I can. I love these things, and they've gone for months without ever selling them) when I went grocery shopping for stuff that I forgot to buy the day before. <Oops!>

Played some FF XIV today, again working on my dancer, running all the usual stuff. But unfortunately I couldn't get her to level 80, due to having to abandon the leveling roulette due to a mass-pulling tank that wouldn't stop doing it, despite the healer being unable to keep up, causing wipes. So, I'll have to try again tomorrow. -_-

But on the upside, Lmartyr came by and suggested I try a new game called Grim Clicker, which is a brand spanking new idle RPG game. Played this for about 4-5 hours, and it seems like it's got potential, but the pay-to-win pay-to-keep-the-game-from-slowing-to-a-fucking-crawl aspect is very irritating to me. It's what usually turns me off to these kind of games. Zynga Facebook games are like this, you can only do so many actions until you have to wait until some-odd amount of time until you can do more, . . . . . but if you pay XXX amount of money, . . . . . Luckily, this game has a Diablo 2/World of Warcraft skill tree system, so you can make various builds to make your game "sustainable", something I don't see in a lot of other idle games. Overall, I'll probably play this game a while, if only out of courtesy for Lmartyr, but I imagine I'll get burnt/frustrated eventually. We'll see.

And here's what I played this evening:

Roky Erickson - The Evil One
The Black Guard (Scottish bagpipe & marching band music)
Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream & Other Delights
Billy Joel - Piano Man
Sheila E - The Glamorous Life

Aaaaaalrighty then! Time to call it a night. Gonna try to stream some Pinball tomorrow morning. Hope to see ya there. ;)>

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