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Joe's Rarer (!!) Sunday Stream, 4/5/2020


And yet another Final Fantasy XIV session today instead of Grim Dawn. Like before, I worked on my ninja, doing the usual hunts and Pixie quests. And I've been lucky recently with the FATE party that's been coming around the past 2 days. I love doing those (but not when solo, they suck eggs then).

And I must really be liking ninja if I'm skipping my Grim Dawn sessions to play this guy. Seems they remedied all the reasons why I hardly played him at all!:

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• Two charges of mudras now, and not just one. And with Kassatsu on a 60 second cooldown, and not a 90 second one, I can even do a third one every so often. This means I don't have to do the standard 3-hit combo as much, making the class much less boring.

• They're doing this with all classes it seems, but AoE now has a 2-3 hit combo, with the last one increasing the duration of your main buff. Makes AoE less boring, and doesn't gimp your DPS when you have to do the single-target combo just to keep your buff up, like I had to do in previous expansions.

Trick Attack's positional requirement for the damage taken debuff was removed, meaning I'll actually use this more often now. I hardly used it at all before, since monsters and/or tanks can't sit still, ruining the ability.

• The ninja's Teleport ability gets a second charge, and it refreshes when you cast a 2-mudra ninjitsu. This makes ninja super mobile, which is great when I get those sprinting tanks that try to outrun the group.

And others that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

I also tried to do a 50/60/70 roulette and got Wanderer's Palace, with a newbie tank that DCs a few moments in. And we couldn't kick him, presumably because we had a big Tonberry chasing us, so I just bolted out of there and ate the debuff. :[

Tried to do another 50/60/70 roulette and got the Aetherochemical Facility, with a not-as-good sprinting mass-pulling tank (I was pulling aggro off him from time to time). It was also my first time there, with noone explaining anything, which led me to be taking excess damage. >:(>

And it seems I'll definitely be getting this guy to 80, and possibly beyond. Me and Lmartyr were noticing that the market board prices on the new i480 gear was very cheap on my server, so he decided to donate 800k to help me along. So if you're reading this Martyr, thanks again.

And my vinyl records that I played today were:

The Black Watch (Scottish bagpipe & marching band music)
Bill Cosby - Is a Very Funny Fellow. Right!
The Roger Wagener Chorale - Gregorian Chants
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality

Okay, time for my nap, then I have to start getting ready for work. <Take care.>, everyone. And have yourselves an awesome day/night. ;)>

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