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Joe's PS:T/FF XIV streams, 12/21/19-12/23/19


For Saturday today, it was, as is going to be over the weekend, Planescape: Torment. And hey, CraazyFYI1 dropped by today, after not being around for a while. Always good to see him!

The session itself went pretty good. I have to "cheat in" healing items from time to time now, since my party takes a lot of damage at this stage in the game, and healing items are too expensive, especially considering how fast I blow through them. Another cool thing about this game that I don't recall seeing in any other: You can switch classes just by talking to one of the party members. That's almost a FF XIV perk!


Aaaaaaaaaaand another Planescape: Torment session. This one was a tough one this time around, lots of monsters - specifically Curst Guards that give and take a lot of damage - meaning lots of healing, even having to "cheat in" some healing items as well. I also did a fair amount of "teleport to cursor" cheats as well, due to areas with long scenic-route paths that I don't want to have to run through twice (or more), as well as characters getting stuck on pebbles on the ground, or still attacking monsters after being told to retreat.

But, a good thing that happened today:

I finally got it, my favorite alignment! But getting it is only part of the battle, it's now keeping it that'll be a bitch lol.

Oh, and I picked up a new party member as well:

Remember the "Sickness must be purged!" boss? Yeah, this guy, only with cooler armor.

Had to get rid of my fire mage though, since I hardly used any of his spells, as they were mostly AoE attacks that can damage my own party as well.

And I also decided to play a few video game soundtracks on stream as well, like Arcana (SNES) and Secret of Mana (SNES).


Not much of a morning workout today, as my shoulders were hurting like hell over the weekend, and didn't want to risk them getting worse. So instead, I just did a quick farmer's carry in my apartment complex during my "intermission" part of the stream and called it good.

Monday evening it was FF XIV, and this time it was a full complete session. And the main focus was on my monk, doing the hunts and all the fairy beast tribe quests, and eventually he hit level 77. I also played on my sammy a little bit as well. Did a leveling roulette, and got a damn good group, especially the healer. She was dispelling all the debuffs, even the poison ones. That's pretty rare. Usually healers don't do shit about any debuffs, let alone the mere poison ones, then (presumably) wonder why we're so hard to heal or why they're stealing aggro etc.

After that, I worked on making level 78 gear for my monk, since he's halfway there (from 77). But instead, I ended up spending most of my hard-earned money just buying the level 78 gear outright to save space. (No. Not time, but space :/>), as I wasn't in the mood to deal with the dreaded inventory management puzzle, since me and my retainers are running out of space. >:[> Not to mention that apprently I didn't sleep well, as I became dead to the world a few hours into the stream. I hate when I do this, especially on a night off when I actually have some time to work with, but it is what it is.

And here's the records I played today:

Metallica - Live at the Playouse Theater, '86
Megadeth - Rust in Peace
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
Motorhead - Self-Titled Debut

Okay, gotta call it a night. I might stream again tomorrow morning, but we'll see. Until then, <Take care.> and have a good night/day, everybody. See you all on Christmas (maybe). ;)>

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