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Joe's Baldur's Gate/FF XIV streams, 12/13/2019



Played some Baldur's Gate today. Made it past chapter five, but had to cheat in a Potion of Clarity (protects against charm/fear/confusion/etc.), as well as do a few "cheat kills" (instantly kill whatever your cursor is on) since a). He can use mind control, and as I'm playing solo, this ended my game immediately, and b). He can summon powerful adds to help him, and again I'm playing solo, so I could easily get overwhelmed in this situation. He definitely required a full party in order to bring down.


Today, like Monday (I think), I did a brief workout, just doing my incline wide-grip pushups and bench dips (meant for triceps, but I do it for the chest), I also did some hammer curls as well to balance out the triceps workout.

Did a "split stream" today, playing FF XIV for about an hour, just long enough to do the hunts and Fairy beast tribe quests on my MNK/PLD. And then I played some Baldur's Gate again. This time I made it to it's namesake (chapter six), where I pretty much spent all my time exploring and looting. And it seems I got a new regular, M1NDRAX, who is from Sweden. And he's also a retro gamer, like I have been recently. So, good to have him aboard!

And I went ahead and played some records today, which were :

Manuel Gottsching - Inventions for Electric Guitar
Richard Pryor - The N****r's Crazy
Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician
Humble Pie - Self-Titled Debut
Bill Cosby - Wonderfulness (Side One)

Okay, that's all for now. Have to get a nap in and then get ready for work.<Take care.> and have a good night/day, guys. ;)>

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