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Joe's Darkest Dungeon/FF XIV Stream, 11/12/2019


A meh Darkest Dungeon stream. Just couldn't get anything going. I killed one of the last bosses in that game, but I pretty much ran out of gas after that. I think I'm still burned out on this game, despite it being my all-time favorite RPG.

But after that, I just went ahead and streamed FF XIV. It's Tuesday so, weekly reset and all.

Did my usual paladin leveling, and he eventually hit level 75, so I switched to my gunbreaker and started on the Fairy beast tribe questline. And here I ended up nodding off from time to time, despite me getting a good solid 7 hours of sleep, so I just shut it down shortly after.

Oh, and why I only have my retainers gather crystals, outside of exploration ventures (FYI: they're all level 80 in i400ish gear):

And here's the records I played today (not many lol):

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Rickie Lee Jones - Self-Titled Debut

Okay, nighty-night time right now (feeling like shit for some reason). <Take care.>, peeps. And thanks for reading/watching. Mucho appreciated! ;)>

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Vinyls and leveling my PLD. Other various stuff (possibly, probably won't be on that long) as well.
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