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Joe's Bastion/FF XIV Stream, 10/25/2019

Played and beaten Bastion yesterday. Oh, what a game! And I went ahead and started over, this time doing the "score attack" mode out of curiosity. Which seemed like a waste, since I hardly paid attention to it half the time. :/> Oh well, still having a lot of fun with this game though. :D>

Shorter than normal FF XIV stream today. Got only 3ish hours of sleep, due to rehurting my back this morning. Tossed and turned the rest of the time, so I figured I might as well make myself useful....

.... and worked on my paladin some more. Again, doing hunts, a couple trials, and the Holminster trust dungeon. And I eventually got him to level 73. Finally. Was going to start working on some white crafter's scrip farming, but my upper right trapezius muscle started hurting all of a sudden - presumably due to poor/lack of sleep - so I figured it's time to bail. Should've just stayed in bed. -_-

And for the LP records I played today they were:

Humble Pie - Self-Titled Debut
The Residents - The Third Reich N' Roll
Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician

Okay, time for a long nap, and then I gotta get ready for work, and hope my injury doesn't get any worse. Thanks for watching/reading, and see you all on Monday (streaming who knows what over the weekend). ;)>

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Spinning records and leveling my paladin, hoping to get level 73. Might craft/gather afterwards.
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