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Joe's Stream, 10/10/2019


Did another workout this morning. And like last time I used resistance bands for the chest workouts in my parking garage. I also tried doing lat pull-downs (awesome GIF!) in my garage as well (with the bands looped over a support beam), but couldn't get it to work (arms need to move straight up and down parallel to each other; They shouldn't be moving toward each other during the upward part of the lift, if you can picture what I mean). I think I'll have to buy another resistance band kit in order to make this one feasible. I also tried setting up my cellphone in order to document all this, but couldn't pull it off (too dark/not enough light to work with). But otherwise, it was pretty much the usual stuff.

And for today's session, like yesterday, it was mostly gatherer's scrip farming. And I eventually got enough to where I unlocked all the folklore mining nodes, and unlocking the botany ones aren't too far away, as well as upgrading my chestgear. And I did the level 80 gatherer's custom deliveries quest too (which I just found out are not repeatable :(>), and started on the weaver/leatherworker/carpenter questline. And I learned a little something about macros: For the longest time I had mine set up like this:

/ac "initial preparations"
/wait 3
/ac "comfort zone"
/wait 3
etc etc etc

Apparently you don't have to do it like that. You can set it up like:

/ac "initial preparations" <wait.3>
/ac "comfort zone" <wait.3>
and so on and so forth

Good to know! So, it looks like next session I'll be overhauling all my crafting macros, as well as doing another scrip run, focusing more on white scrip, getting just enough yellow to buy the botany folklore book. And hopefully this will be the last one I'll need to do for a while. And before I forget, seems like some of the crafted level 80 gathering gear is actually better than the blue stuff you buy with white scrip. So I guess in the near future I'll be working on making some of that. But otherwise, seems I see another crossroads on the horizon.

And, as has been happening recently, been having some good convo, which really helps with all this grinding I've been doing. If not for that, I'd have probably packed it in after 2-3 hours, and not the 5-6 that I've been doing as of late. So, props to you all!

The records I played today were:

Chicago Transit Authority (aka Chicago) - Self-Titled Debut
Tom Lehrer - An Evening (wasted) With Tom Lehrer
The Residents - The Commercial Album
Neu! - Self-Titled Debut
Buddy Rich - Big Band
Isaac Hayes - Best Of
Miri-Ben Ari - The Hip-Hop Violinist (No way! Thought this would be instrumental rap. Instead, I got gangsta rap with a violin in the background so, to the vinyl graveyard with this one)
Jethro Tull - Stand Up

Okay, calling it a nighty-night. <Take care.> everyone. And have a good day/evening/night. ;)>

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LP records & scrip farming. Might do something else if bored.
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