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Joe's Stream, 10/7/2019


Got in a very good workout this morning. This time, I used my old cable bands that I bought a few months ago that sat around collecting dust, since I couldn't find anything in my apartment to use as a leverage point. I applied a little creativity and ingenuity and used the stair railing just outside my apartment and one of the metal pillars in my parking garage as leverage points, and they worked beautifully! (although the railing squeaks and creaks when pulled on, so it'll be used as a last resort, or for exercises that wouldn't work on a metal pillar) I actually had a hard time sleeping because my chest was so sore. Speaking of which, the "resistance band" (that's the name I was looking for lol) exercises I did were:

Cliquez pour afficherCliquez pour cacher
Cable crossover (single-arm version as well). Targets chest. Can do it in various directions to target different chest areas.
Bicep hammer curls. More effective than regular bicep curls, as they also target your outer forearm and your "lower" biceps.
Lat pull-downs. Not the best GIF I admit, it was the only one that I could find.
Face pulls. New exercise for me. Targets rear shoulders and upper back.

So, for today's stream, yyyyyyep, you guessed it. More gathering and crafting! I managed to make all my left and right-side gear for my crafting classes. And with my newly upgraded gear, I managed to craft all my level 80 right-side gathering gear, which, for all intents and purposes, now grants me either an additional collectible (when scrip farming) or 1-3 extra mats (via Bountiful Yield II/Bountiful Harvest II), which really adds up over time. :D>

And for tomorrow's stream, AAAAAAAALL this! Might do some scrip farming as well if I run out of Hi-Cordials. So, much more work is afoot!

Something I often forget: Regulars > visitors. Despite only 2 people showing up today, I still had a good time nontheless!

And I even got be "Coach Joe" today, as regular white_wimmin (I think) called me once. I explained to the_gaming_skulls how FCs work in this game (he doesn't play this game, if I recall). Always a good feeling teaching someone something new (see previous image)!

Here's the LP records I played today:

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
The Moody Blues - On the Threshold of a Dream
Funkadelic - One Nation, Under a Groove
Devo - New Traditionalists
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

Okey dokey, calling it a night. <Take care.> guys, and have yourselves a good day/evening/night. ;)>

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My Youtube Channel.
Playing records, doing GC turn-ins (if any), and trying to upgrade my crafting gear. Might also farm scrip as well.
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