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私は5年間, 何もせずに1日中リムサに座って過ごしました.
私はプレイステーション3から始め, 2017年の初めにプレイステーション4に変更しました.

1.FF11アカウントを使用します. 18/09/2015
4.プレイを開始します. 01/10/2015


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Today is 5 years of Final Fantasy 14 (Oct 1).
I've spent the 5 years sitting in Limsa all day doing nothing.
I started with PS3 then changed to PS4 in early 2017.

1. Uses FF11 account. 18/09
2. Updating (slow internet took days).
3. World and Character selection.
4. Begin play. 01/10

more SS.

Awwwwww, bogged ay?

Sモブ & Aモブ.

Argh no, I just got done in by Vogaal Ja.

You want me to tie your shoe lace? they look like boots to me.

Looks like "don't shoot, don't shoot'.

A lunch time nap.


This one is my favourite.

He walked into Marberry forgetting he's level 50 and we sit back and watch him die, lol

私はついにキャプテンになりました, 今私のスターシップはどこにありますか?
I'm finally a Captain, now where's my Starship?

Some Lalafell sat on me after I did retainer stuff, I wrote "lol" and then they stare at me.

ああ, 猫のグループが私の席を盗んだ.
ah, a group of cats have stolen my seat.

The rain dance.

A road block with pink stuff.

Wax on......
Wax off.......

If I'm to defeat Marberry, I'll have to meditate and learn the Hadouken.

Sir, I think it's a bit early to send her on Christmas Delivery runs?

I put the wrong pants on? oh, bugga me!

ごめんなさい, FCに参加したくない.
また, 忍者の招待で停止してください, これはあなたが得る返事です.

ユニコーンの世界のみんな, ありがとう.

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