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Viera Life

I've been waiting for this moment a long time ago...

As far as I remember, it was shortly after or during the announcement of A Realm Reborn development. Back the day, I was an Elezen. I enjoyed the Elezen look, unlike the FF11 Elvaan, where I just flat out picked a Mithra.

During the development, the Devs had done the Tokyo Fates, promotional events to showcase the upcoming of the revamped MMORPG, new features and new art direction. Such as being able to finally jump in the game.

I remember clearly, that when I saw the Viera, it screaming FFXII to me. I wanted to play that race! Time pass, and pass, finally new race happens! And little did I know... but Viera don't have tails? Is that the Viera from FF Tactics? Twelves, no. Aura, what is that? I don't like those weak looking Aura.

Unfortunately they took over for the next years to come. Seeing Lolita around, friends teasing me that Square Enix finally came out with something original. More power to them, but along the years I grew bored of being an Elezen, I moved to Miqo'te, then Hyur. Hyur made me happy, many of them have the more childish face in my opinion, not the best looking ones, but it was enjoyable, they are fashionable in every clothes.

At long last, Shadowbringers has been announced. Now the real fight was to try avoid spoilers. I resisted until the Producer's live letter. And wow, Viera is there! Only as female, but I am fine with this, not like there were any Viera male in FF12 or Tactics anyways. Then the Hrotgar for male, I found it fair as well. Perhaps the Japanese player base has been asking for it? Who knows. FFX also has a big fan base, I found it a fair trade.

So the first thing I did is wasting hours on the Benchmark, hm playing with skin palettes, switching forth and back between the two clans. Probably a good 30 hours has been spent there.

Now Shadowbringers has happened, I've done every content up to this time. I am Dancer ilvl 444. For the first time since FFXI Online, I can finally claim that I've been satisfied. The race, the game itself. I love it all.

Thank you Square Enix for letting me live my Viera life.
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