Faria Rosalie

Gardienne de Lilas

Omega (Chaos)

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Our FC is currently recruiting!

Hello! We're looking to rebrand our FC on the Omega server and are welcoming a variety of players into our ranks. We're full of new and old players alike and engage in all content, from simple things like dungeon running, crafting and gathering to the more hardcore elements of the game such as raiding. In our free time, we like to plan events such as themed nights for things like Triple Triad, minimum item level challenges or just social events so that we can get to know our members a little better. With our many officers, all specialised in their own unique areas, I'm sure we'll have something for you. Please reply to this advertisement or speak to our in-game FC representatives, C'Behm Light, Faria Rosalie or Sazatar Ckimemis for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!
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