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Update before endwalker 1

Hello people!

I renewed my subscription recently so this is what I am actually doing.

1-trying to get a feel for all the jobs I left untouched since the beginning. I am bringing them all to 15 at least so I can put some low level items out of my bag too.

2-Getting Gears for my jobs at 80 to try if I can solo or duo with my mom some trials. Thordan is kinda hard, there is a part where a guy does an attack on the whole ground and resets the fight even if my HP was full.

3-Getting some old achievements and minions and mounts. I recently just got fenrir after so much time playing this game. Well I used to buy a lot too in the gold saucer so yeah it's understandable why it took so long. I also got Kirin. I am moving to the birds now.

4-I am getting my dancer to 70 and maybe my Gunbreaker too by doing main scenario. I do it so I can do the contents like eureka and Bozja with them. Eureka doesn't give experience so I might move between the 80 jobs too.

5-I should start doing the beast tribe quests from ARR too with my Red mage but that's a lot to do in a day so, I better just keep going by priorities and fun first.

That 's it I guess. A lot of hugs and see you next time.

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